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Wild Horses in the West Desert of Utah

Over the summer I went to the west desert of utah with another photographer to see the Onaqui wild horses. The last time I observed the horses was several years ago and I had forgotten how amazing it is to observe over 200 horses.

We spent several hours between two herds and left with many images. Below are some of my favorites.

In this first image, two horses touch noses after a brief spat. I thought it was an endearing moment between the two.

The next several images are of a brown roan family. The foal is so adorable!

Towards the end of our time with one of the herds, I noticed this beautiful young paint horse, doing his own thing alone. He rolled around in the dirt and acted a bit odd away from the other horses. Hopefully I see him again on the next visit.

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Utah Nature Photography by Mavourneen Strozewski